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Lutron Lighting System in Plainfield, IL

Want to cut your costs while reducing your carbon footprint? At Bartel's Auto Clinic in Plainfield, IL, we make it easy to go green with our state-of-the-art Lutron lighting systems. Lutron is an industry leader in energy-saving lighting systems. Lutron whole-building lighting systems are designed to save money and significantly cut energy consumption by adjusting lighting and shade to meet occupants’ needs.

Save Energy and Lower Your Costs

Lutron lighting systems utilize special sensors, dimmers, lighting, and shades. Lutron sensors save energy and lower utility bills by automatically turning lights off when rooms are unoccupied and dimming them when adequate natural light is present. And Lutron’s self-adjusting shades provide exactly the right amount of daylight while improving the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Lutron systems utilize high-efficiency dimming compact fluorescent (CFL) and LED bulbs, ensuring maximum output for minimal energy.

If you’re ready to experience the beautiful light and significant cost savings offered by a Lutron lighting system, Bartel's Auto Clinic is the only call you need to make. Contact us today to request an estimate.